Gemini Daily Horoscope for January 21

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The most important thing for Geminis today is getting rid of all traces of pride, to make some room for the desire for personal growth by knowing yourselves better and trying to improve what you don't like about you. That sense of humility is the perfect foundation for productive progress.

In order to do that, you'll probably need a therapist that helps you find the weak spots in your spirit and guides you through its strengthening. It's time to start a process to change you for the better.

It's a long, complicated road that requires plenty of patience. However, you took the first step by admitting to the fact that, just like anyone else, you're in constant evolution.


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In your current state of grace, daring to get your projects going shows that you're fully confident about your ideas, and this confidence comes from improving your self-esteem. When you're in this state of personal evolution, it's time to take advantage.

In order to set your ideas in motion, of course, you need some luck, and the stars will pair up your skills with that bit of luck that guarantees the success of whatever adventure you decide to go on.

But watch out, Geminis! Don't mistake luck for gambling. This is not about betting like crazy or starting to gamble. Fortune is a complement of your effort to make your dreams come true with plenty of work and devotion. Trust yourselves and walk towards success with firm steps.


The stars predict that you'll be quite vulnerable, thus especially exposed to infections. More particularly, falling prey to temptation and giving up healthy habits make you more fragile than before.

The stars point out that your respiratory tract will be quite affected, and things could get complicated if you don't take measures to boost your immunity and reduce risks.

On the other hand, Geminis, you need to be cautious with intercourse, because the stars predict there's a high risk for STDs. Being cautious is just as important as having a coherent love life and avoiding promiscuity.

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