Gemini Daily Horoscope |




By reviewing your romantic conquests, you’ll realise that you can’t find true love just anywhere. You’ll meet many people in bars and clubs, but nobody will be able to get you interested to start a relationship.

You’re immersed in a phase of great uncertainty, where you debate between getting back together with someone who gave you a lot of love in the past or giving someone you just met and who awakens your curiosity a chance, possibly because of the novelty.

But you’ll find that it isn’t so easy to let go of that person who had your heart for a while. Think of all the good things they’ve brought you and what’s to come.

Singles will receive a tremendous surprise when someone approaches them and shows interest in meeting them. What at first may seem like a simple friendship can become something more serious Gemini.


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It’ll be a propitious week for scams and deceptions, so you should be especially careful with the business that certain people propose, whether they are unknown or people you trust. When it comes to money, people don’t care about affection or respect.

Everyone likes good words, but you can’t let yourself be convinced by the first person that comes into your life with false promises to multiply money, especially because that’s impossible unless they have magical powers.

Those who are waiting for favourable news regarding a new job should wait until the end of the week. The offers you receive won’t be as good as you expected.


Disproportionate anger happens way too often in your life. However many injustices happen around you, it might be better to relax a little more.

That negative influence around you will make your health suffer from unexpected discomfort in certain parts of the body.

You have to learn to manage your frustrations, especially when you do something several times and you don’t achieve the desired result. Insist and try different alternatives before giving up.