Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have to think about the common good at all times. Individualism collides this Saturday and you'll have to give in.

Your distortion of reality will lead you to consider simple decisions and actions as a great challenge and you'll have to use your colour palette so that everything doesn't look an opaque and depressing shade of grey.

For singles, old wounds return to the surface. Don't let your emotions get the better of you Gemini and try to overcome that old love story that still makes you vibrate.

Your sensitivity can cost you headaches and the opportunity to miss a very valuable opportunity. Don't slow down and never take a step backwards.

Magic Horoscope prohibits you from wasting tears on someone who isn't worthy of your love.

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You have to focus on your goals Gemini. Don't embrace the routine at work, fight hard and climb one more step every day.

Your financial instinct is natural, you won't have to force it and it'll allow you to consider different options to chose the one that suits you the most.

Many natives will want to break the chains that tie them to a job that doesn't satisfy them. If you decide to do it, do it to focus on your true vocation, the one you'll do without fearing what others might say. Seek happiness through personal development.


The sky could greatly improve your goals, combining well-being with a more social side. Don't resign yourself to dreaming. Wake up and you can achieve those same dreams.

Challenge what's established and carry out some bold initiatives. Don't wait for things to happen by magic. Believe in causes rather than in coincidences, Gemini.

Take more care of your skin and protect the wounds you may have so that they heal correctly. Pay attention to your doctor at all times and don't rely on ancestral remedies your friends or family tell you about.