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It's obvious that there's plenty of chemistry with your partner, because you get the message just by looking at each other. You're a relationship role model for others, and in fact, many of your friends ask you for advice.

In fact, today's a good day to bury the hatchet of some past events that were still lurking around and came out to play every time you had an argument.

Any negative issue you go through outside your relationship will only make your bond stronger and tighter. You're always looking out for each other and you'll never miss out on support to raise your mood. What more could you ask?


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You're willing to take on a very important investment. There's many people around you insisting on it, and you also think you could multiply profits in very little time.

However, Geminis, you need to take this idea off your mind if you don't want your savings poofing into nothing too quickly right in front of you.

This time, Mars encourages you to be more cautious and take things slower. This could be a juicy chance for business, but in the future you'll get much more interesting offers for your finances. All you would do now is keep losing and feel miserable for weeks.


Why are you sitting around all day? If you add up all the time you spend at work, plus meal times and TV rounds, you barely walk at the end of the day.

That's why your legs are just feeling weaker every day. The day you have to go on a mountain trek or take a walk with family, you'll experience some worrying discomfort. You can't toy around with health.

Today could also be a good day for being generous. Have you thought about donating blood? Just one bag could save many lives. However, don't go there with an empty stomach; and once you've made your donation, you need to get your strength back with some water and a sandwich or cookies.