Gemini Daily Horoscope for January 22

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There's doubts about someone dear to you, a friend or relative, and that demands some reflection and close analysis from you. Don't rush into making a choice or accusation too much, because you might be making a mistake.

Presumption of innocence should go hand in hand with determined decisions against what might be betrayal. At this point in your life, disloyalty and trickery are not okay.

If you suspect a friend or relative has betrayed you, cut off all ties with them, at least for a while.


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When people question your work, you can clap back at them with successful results. Arguments end up being a senseless dialogue where you waste all your energy, and not only do you not fight back criticism, but also give it undeserved importance instead.

However, today you have a chance at a perfect day of work. The stars predict you'll be highly successful when carrying out your tasks, in a very inspired day that fills you with positive energy.

If you let criticism affect you more than it should, you might end up doubting your own skills, and that is a direct path towards mistakes and failure. Face criticism from a humble point of view; take in whatever helps you improve, and respond to foul intentions with work and effort.


Those of you who are younger should be strong and energised enough to gain some drive and make life a more passionate experience. Physical health is very important, but the stars will give your mind a star role today; your attitude will be what sets the mood.

Those of you who are older should also be dynamic and moving around, but in this case, your day goes by with much calmness, encouraging you to relax and rest.

In both cases, it's important to boost self-esteem and make the positive areas of your life even better. Balance and personal satisfaction are a barrier against anxiety and nervousness. If you're going through an illness, you'll feel your healing speeding up.