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A new person will come into your life, someone who’s completely unknown to you. You’ll exchange a few looks of complicity that’ll make you fall in love from the first second. You’ll experience a sensation that is hard to explain Gemini.

At this time you should assess whether you should wait or if you dare to take the step of introducing yourself. You never know if you’ll see them again. You’re facing a unique opportunity, and if you don’t take a chance now it’s possible that you’ll regret it later. It’s a “no” if you don’t even try. You need to fight for what you want, abandoning your comfort zone.

It may be a passing love story, but if you manage to make the relationship longer, it’ll most likely make you live in a permanent dream that you’ll never want to wake up from.


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Inspiration takes over. Gemini, you should know that the combination of the stars will allow you to carry out any business project you are currently handling.

Nothing can resist you any more and even money stops being an obstacle to grow professionally. In a self-taught way, you’ve learned many things and even now you dare to teach. Have you ever thought about organising a course? With your communication skills, you’d do great.

At the office, you don’t get distracted so easily and your performance will improve incredibly. Even the boss will see this change.

You’ll be able to evolve at work thanks to the introduction of new technologies in your tasks. You think it’s worth adapting to the times because otherwise you’d be stuck.




Although you don’t consider it vital, it never hurts to have a first aid kit at home. Bandages, plasters, bandage tape and some painkillers will be enough.

Keep in mind that you may be the victim of a cut, a fall or a headache at any time. Of course, try to get it as far away as possible from the children in the house, who could see it as a toy.

Today can be a good day to go over it and check that everything is in order. If you don’t worry about the maintenance you can find many expired articles, which will no longer be useful.