Gemini Daily Horoscope |




The bad position of the planets will cause you to behave very strangely today, where everything your partner makes you feel annoyed at them.

The worst thing is that you had committed to changing your attitude, to give the other person more space. The only explanation for all this is that there are a number of problems you’re very worried about and that are really affecting your social relationships.

As you can see, nobody will want to meet up with you, because you’re somewhat unbearable at the moment, starting very controversial conversations and always in a negative tone.

Single Gemini will have serious difficulties finding their better half, especially since they don’t seem willing to open up to the unknown, mainly for fear of disappointing.


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From time to time, it’s good to do a thorough cleaning of your storage room and get rid of everything that’s no longer useful. Why don’t you sell the skates, the skis and those books that you keep so fondly? You’ll get some money that will come in handy to treat yourself to something nice.

So that potential buyers don’t fool you, you should search online for the prices that are currently being paid for these collectables.

At work, it’ll be a very intense day, full of tasks and intense micromanaging by your boss. It seems that they want to control everything you do to the maximum. You suspect that you may be the next to be fired, but that belief is wrong.


Try to store the food you buy in the supermarket properly, especially when dealing with fresh products such as meat and fish, because when you want to cook, they may not look their best.

To avoid these situations it’s best that you go to the shop daily and only buy what you’re going to eat. Your finances and your stomach will notice the difference since you’ll never buy anything that you don’t need.

If you have hypertension problems, you have the possibility of eliminating salt from your diet, replacing it with species and herbs such as rosemary or laurel.