Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You are usually very clear about feelings, but certain attitudes of your partner can make you rethink the future of the relationship.

For a long time, you’ve been able to see how next to that person, problems end up getting worse and your state of mind ends up being really negative.

When you have some kind of problem, instead of offering their shoulder to comfort you, the only thing they can think of doing is reminding you of all the things you’ve done wrong in the past. You’re more than disappointed with your partner.

If it continues like this, you should consider the possibility of leaving that person. You can’t take much more of living with that suffering. Many people around you have been warning you for a while, but you didn’t want to listen to them.


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You have to ask yourself if at work you earn what you really deserve. If you’re a qualified person, with experience and the ability to solve problems, they should pay you much more money.

You just need to browse any work related webpage to check the salaries that are normal in your sector. You may be wasting your time and lots of money by staying in that company.

From time to time, you should bring out your warrior side, so that others can see your degree of involvement. Let it be known that you care about everything that affects the company. You won’t be intimidated by anyone.


You should take much more care of yourself when it comes to what you eat. It’s possible that you’re not eating well enough since when you go through a bad time in your love life, you end up eating too much sweet stuff. You find consolation in everything that has sugar.

All this will also end up affecting your mood Gemini. You find yourself wanting to stay at home and when your friends call you, you won’t even want to answer the phone. They’re worried about your and just want to help you. Don’t be nasty or get angry with them. You almost always you end up taking out your bad mood on the least suitable person.

Your only consolation is knowing that there are people worse off than you, but you can’t settle for that. Take care of your own life and not so much about others.