Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




As it’s summer, Cupid has gone on holiday and has completely disregarded your heart. This will be worrying especially if you decide to have daring dates as a single.

Communication with others will be hard, especially if you’ve met through a common friend (or perhaps online) and have really had few face-to-face conversations.

Your values will make you not speak so you don’t start arguing and you’re both likely to go home after the second course instead of ordering a shared dessert.

In relationships, although there’s no reason for disagreements, there won’t be any passion. It’ll be hard to laugh together, but don’t make this into a huge problem either. It’s a grey day, it’s all right, Gemini!

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Prudence, native: your finances will be subject to an astral configuration of Magic Horoscope that can result in a bad surprise.

Don’t let your hair down and don’t spend what you don’t have. Limit the amounts of money you can allocate to each of your basic needs (leave the secondary ones for another day and treats are prohibited).

If you don’t follow these tips, be careful. You may put yourself in a bad situation that blocks you.

Try to resolve disputes that will arise at work quickly (perhaps because of the things you did wrong in the past which now come to light). If not, the situation will only get worse. You have been warned. Good luck.


Tiredness will be present in the life of Gemini from a very early hour, and you’ll resort to drinks with caffeine to stay awake.

Be careful especially with coffee, which can irritate your digestive system! You have to be moderate and stay calm because the stars will ensure your integrity.

To take care of your face. Vegetable oil works true miracles and is fairly cheap.

It’s a very good substitute for a daily moisturiser and you could include it in your daily beauty rituals. There is a different one for each type of skin. Ask to see which one best suits your complexion.