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Many times, not even you know what you're doing. You're definitely enjoying hanging out with the person next to you, but sometimes, you start thinking about cheating on them. There's something that just doesn't work for you as a couple, and you don't know what it is.

It could actually be because of your personality. After a while, you get bored and tired of everything, and you're already thinking about replacing your partner.

You should think twice and make sure you know what you want before you do things, especially because whatever choices you make now have no turning-back point. As time goes by, you'd realise the serious mistake you made. It would be really hard to find someone like them.


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You've got enough personal issues already, and you don't want to have to bear with your workmates' foul words. It looks like they never think of anyone else, and only worry about getting what they want. They're too selfish and don't even consider how you could be doing.

At some point, you'll start thinking about leaving the company, but as time goes by through the day, you'll forget all about it. Geminis, it's normal to think that way when you're not happy about your earnings and the vibe you feel around the office.

If you were thinking about buying something expensive, such as jewelry, you're better off waiting for a while. You already have a few gold and silver items lying around the house, and if you aren't going to wear them any more, it'd be best to sell them. You'll make some extra money, and that's always welcome.


You barely have time to exercise, and you use that as an excuse to justify your extra weight. Since this is happening, you should get rid of some items in your diet which do nothing but pile up the pounds.

It's okay if you eat a bite of chocolate from time to time, but make that chocolate as high in natural cocoa as possible to feel full quicker.

You can't go too far with snacking either. You eat too anxiously by mid-morning and early afternoon.