Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Today you’ll feel a bit frustrated Gemini, you have the feeling that someone wants to silence you, to cut your wings so you don’t enjoy the freedom you deserve.

Instead of starting a conflict, you’ll choose to remain silent, knowing that the situation can change at any time. Because your partner may be taking out some concern that doesn’t let them rest on you.

Singles won’t have it easy when they set out to find love, all the people they like just run away from them. More than rejection, what really worries is are the way some people speak and they end up ruling out a possible relationship between the two.

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Right now you’re considering a number of priorities in life, such as spending more time with family or exercising, which completely clash with your career aspirations.

And you will receive a job offer, with a significant salary raise that will force you to take on more responsibilities. But you fear that if you accept it, you’ll end up missing the good conditions you had been enjoying up to now.

When shopping, perhaps you should be less impulsive. Before spending a large amount of money, you should compare offers and prices to see if, in fact, it’s worth the effort.


You’ll experience moments of a lot of stress, at some point you’ll feel a huge weight on your shoulders as if the future of the world depends on your actions. Even if you don’t realise it, you take on many tasks.

Because it’s hard for you to say no to people, who spend all day asking you for favours.

To put a stop to these situations of tension, Magic Horoscope proposes you start with a meditation plan, always guided by a professional. From the first session, you’ll see the enormous advantages it will provide you.

When it comes to physical exercise, you should never set goals that are too ambitious, especially because you’re an amateur and you don’t have all that spare time. The important thing is that you have a pleasant time and forget about inaccessible goals.