Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 23

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You should never show off your sentimental conquests Gemini, especially if you have a partner. Even if it’s something from the past it can be very harmful since your partner won’t understand that you speak so well of certain people.

However, you have to make it clear that you don’t keep in contact with any of them, thus clearing any kind of doubt. Your heart already has an owner and you aren’t in favour of playing with anyone’s feelings.

Singles are going through a very quiet moment, doing everything they want without explaining anything to anyone. Your friends who have partners are really jealous of you because they’d like to have your lifestyle.


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There are people who’ll only approach you for money reasons. They’ll try to have you invite them to things or ask you to lend them money, but you don’t know if they’ll pay you back. You’ll realise very quickly who they are since they’re almost always the same people.

With the money you’ve been saving in recent times, you’re considering buying a new phone, but before doing so, you should think if acquiring another device is really worth it when yours works well.

You feel the need to continue training to improve professionally, but you don’t have so much time on your hands. Before that, it’s best to do some online course, which you can do whenever you want and without the pressure of having a schedule.


To start your day with energy, you need to take a cup of strong coffee and a cold shower. This will help you wake up before leaving home and you’ll be able to do everything you need to do.

There are certain foods that you find very heavy. Once you eat them, they make you feel bloated. You might want to get some blood tests done to rule out celiac disease.

Don’t get too obsessed with your weight. You make a serious mistake if you weigh yourself daily to check your evolution. Doing it once a week is enough so you can draw clearer conclusions about the suitability of your diet.