Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You start to feel a special kind of attraction towards a co-worker, but if you have a partner, maybe you should stay away from them. You could fall into their trap at any moment and that would end up generating a real relationship problem.

The only thing you like about that person is their physique and anything between you too would only last a few days, especially since you have nothing in common and in the office, no one would look kindly on a relationship of this kind.

Those who’re single will find it easy to meet people on social media. However, they shouldn’t be so confident, since what you’re told sometimes has little to do with reality.


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A feeling of anguish and overwhelm is reflected on your face. That tendency of yours to live in a dissatisfied state with what you have makes you always go in search of something else. You’re more concerned with what others do than with enjoying your life.

If a friend goes on holiday or buys something luxurious, you’ll also do it to not feel inferior to anyone.

Many Gemini have recently changed jobs and are still in a period of adaptation. Approaching new colleagues is feeling harder than it should. Maybe it wasn’t worth changing jobs, even though you’re paid more. It’s an experience that’s helping you grow up.


Organising yourself is fundamental, especially if your schedule is full of activities. Gemini, even if you’re very comfortable, maybe the time has come to slow down and be more selective when it comes to activities in your free time.

The most important thing is that you disconnect from your problems and focus exclusively on your loved ones. All work matters can wait until tomorrow. Right now you need to recharge your batteries urgently.

Think of all those people who are important to you and gather them around a table. You’ll spend a very entertaining evening that will help you forget.