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You feel completely satisfied because your emotional needs are directed towards others and taken into account. Those around you treat you tenderly and that fills you with joy Gemini.

Keep in mind that there are some things you shouldn't delegate regarding your love life, such as buying an anniversary gift for your partner. Find time, invest in the quality of your relationship.

The only way to rekindle the fire of the passion you feel for each other is by understanding each other better. Being romantic will have its rewards and respect your better half's will to participate in the well-being of the relationship.

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Those around you take care of you a lot and this can help you relax at work, thinking that what you don't manage to do will get done by someone else. You're definitely right, but don't abuse their goodwill or you'll end up with no one to cover your back in the end Gemini.

You'll be agile regarding other issues and you could charm any client or partner to get your way without sweating it today.

Release your creative energy and select the people who want to go further with you regarding your finances. Be critical and don't believe the first snake charmer to propose a deal, Gemini.


Control the way you use your energy to avoid suffering from high fatigue at the end of the day. These symptoms deserve all your attention Gemini and isolating yourself to rest will be the best thing you can do when all the alarms go off.

You're too strict with yourself on some issues regarding your health, especially if you're dieting. Are you missing some spice in your life by not allowing yourself to do some crazy things?