Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



The feeling of restlessness and unstability threatens to unleash your nerves today, on a day that you'll definitely remember. Next to your issues and the loss of confidence, there'll be important people that could make (and save) the day.

In that sense, your Geminian soul is in such a vulnerable state, there can be confusion about a very close friend. However, it's just a momentary, spontaneous mistake.

Friendship sometimes crosses borders, and it's okay if you sometimes feel that friendship is mistaken for love. Deep down it's just that, Geminis, a deep feeling of love which shouldn't cross the boundaries of friendship in this case.


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This Thursday, you'll be at the peak of a financial recovery episode that opens up the path for trust and calmness, as if you came up for air after several minutes underwater. It'll be a relief.

Your house does need some changes, Geminis, and the stars point out that now's the best time to reform your home. In the next few weeks, it'll have a crucial role for family bonding and individual wellness. That's why now you should go for it and get a house makeover.

For those of you who are unemployed, the stars predict that there's good chances coming to start crawling out of your dark pit, even if the job offers don't fit your professional skills perfectly just yet.


The explicit demonstration of certain frustrations could have irate, sudden reactions that make you look like someone overly dramatic and overwhelmed by circumstances. Aside from harming your social life, it could give you some seriously unhealthy anxiety attacks.

Soothing down your nerves means that you'll face issues with a better perspective, which in turn will help you sort them out more efficiently and make the nervousness disappear.

Did you know that laughing with friends is a very simple yet effective way to sort out anxiety issues? Even if you think that your issues are too big to allow you to laugh, you're the ones setting yourselves harsh, strict boundaries. Laughing will be a sign of courage today.