Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 24

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You don’t really know where your love life is going. When you don’t drive the boat of love your destiny ends up becoming unknown.

Right now, you’ve entrusted everything to your partner and you fear that they’ll guide you down the wrong path. You have to take action on the matter before it’s too late.

If you’re single, adventure and passion will be your two great allies today. Mind you, don’t obsess about being politically correct. Sometimes skipping the rules can make you a more fun person.

Freedom is made for you and prepares you for many satisfactions.


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You feel a slave to monotony. At work, you always do the same work and you hardly appreciate improvements despite time passing. You’ve seen how new people have progressed past you during the last few months.

Gemini, you think that you’ll have serious difficulties to find a new job, but if you get down to work, you’ll see how the market has many offers for you. Register on job portals and let other companies value your experience. Before you think, you’ll have a call saying how interesting your CV looks.

Right now you have to make an important purchase for your home, which could be an appliance. Although you know how to live with what you need, it’s an essential device for your day today. Once damaged, you only have the possibility to fix it or buy a new one, which will be more advantageous.


Devoting part of your free time to an artistic activity is very positive. You can develop all the talent you have. All of this will help your mind stay away from negative thoughts.

In the end, it’s about achieving a state of mental relaxation, which will turn you immune to problems. Surely someone in your environment has already taken advantage of the benefits of yoga. Why don’t you try this discipline? You think that it isn’t very demanding for you and that it won’t bring you anything new, but if you don’t put it into practice, you won’t find anything out about it.