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Your good mood will be a magnet for your closest friends today. You'll feel loved and wanted.  People will want to go out for drinks with you or for a good football game. They know that Gemini company is very valuable because you have a lot to contribute to their lives.

However, when it comes to your sex life, it's a completely different story. Your partner is going to propose certain games in bed for which, in principle, you're not prepared.

Right now you won't know if what they've suggested doesn't really appeal to you or that you had never considered getting involved in certain erotic experiences other than the most closed and traditional ones.

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Stop using subterfuges and go for your dream. Start fighting for what you want. Call the director of the company you want to work at, get them to pay you attention by being polite because they influence your subconscious and your conditions.

Speaking of language, you have to exterminate the word "try". You have to use positive words Gemini. You won't try your luck, you'll give it your all, to climb the ladder of success.

This planetary configuration maintains some confusion on budget issues. You're too malleable and people could manipulate you to spend significant money on something you don't need.


Sometimes you have the impression of living in a fishbowl, where people cross in silence and go around without any other form of interaction.

In that sense, the atmosphere will make you nervous today and you may even feel you lack some air.

In order for routine not to smother your, you have to change course and look for other horizons where you can be happier.

Take care of your diet today. Stop taking products that cause allergic reactions. Above all, be cautious if you eat at restaurants with questionable hygiene standard.