Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 25

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You no longer feel what you used to for your partner. It seems that time has managed to distance you a little. Things that a few months ago were funny or curious, now make you feel terrible.

You shouldn’t think this is so important. All relationships go through bad times and right now, you’re immersed in one.

You’ll realise how important your partner is when you go through a bad time. They’ll always be the first to support you and they’re available 24 hours a day for you. What more could you ask for? Say something romantic, where you express all your feelings for them.

Being single isn’t for you right now, Gemini, since you’re desperately looking for a companion in life.


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Get ready to receive someone’s support at work. Their opinion is very important for you and you’ll always value what they think. If you have a business, you can delegate certain tasks on them, but don’t think that will solve all your problems either.

It’ll be a very interesting day for those who work in trades related to clothing and accessories. The good weather invites people to change their wardrobe and there will be no obstacles for them to spend on everything they need.

At work meetings, you should be a bit more strict. You can’t allow others to always impose their opinions and your point of view is hardly taken into account. You’ll sometimes have to impose your criteria.

It’s a good time to renew your computer equipment since it’s time to improve the technology you use in your company.


There are certain foods that produce gas and despite the discomfort you’ve had for a long time, you prefer to keep it secret because of shame.

This excess of air can be linked to your diet, that includes many raw vegetables and undercooked legumes.

You’ll avoid closed and crowded places since you’re not exactly comfortable. You prefer to retire to a quiet place where you can be alone. Make the most of it and clear your mind and clarify certain ideas that have been hanging around for a while.