Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The accumulation of negative feelings in your soul could turn your day into a dangerous pressure cooker that explodes into angry outbursts, arguments and an altered mood. In order to avoid that, bring out your generous, communicative side.

Today's an exceptional day to get back to the old days with a close friend. Even if you might feel slightly unwilling to creating new relationships with strangers, you instead feel the need to rebuild a relationship with an old friend, and that can be quite rewarding.

Remembering old times will give you not only some healing laughter, but also a feeling of sweet melancholy.


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Today, you'll go to work and find quite a generous environment. Companionship and teamwork will be two invaluable boosters that will drive you to success. Only by avoiding selfishness and participating in that beautiful influence will you be able to reach your goals.

On the other hand, the stars foresee that you've got a day of many conflict and contradictions at work ahead of you, which will be sorted out as long as you try to give priority to moral values and your own principles. You need to pair up success with respect to others and an ethical behaviour.

Besides, the planets will rearrange so that there's a money boost into your finances which, although not too big, will allow you to take a break after some tough, hard times.


Your horoscope prediction for today signals a sharp toothache. Looking beyond whatever procedure it requires to get sorted out, it could affect your day in many ways. As an urgent measure to soothe pain, there's a few remedies you can try out.

Although their flavour is quite strong, garlic and onion favour fluid flow and elimination, fight infections and soothe the pain. In order to soothe your toothache, you can mix them up with salt and put the mixture over your teeth so that it treats the affected areas.

Aside from soothing down specifically located pain, chewing on a garlic tooth or a bit of onion every day is highly beneficial for your dental health, and helps prevent dental diseases.