Gemini Daily Horoscope for July 25

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Shyness prevents you from getting close to the people you like. Your discretion will make you go unnoticed by most people, you’ll almost be an invisible being.

There’s something that prevents you from showing yourself naturally to people of the other sex. When you start a conversation, it’s hard for you to look them in the eyes and after a while, you start to stutter out of nervousness. Don’t worry because it is a matter of practice and it’s more difficult when you have before you a person who’s very attractive.

You feel envy when you check the ease that some friends have to flirt and meet people. That worries you and makes you question many things about the way you are.

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Mars has prepared a very exciting start to the day, but an unforeseen event can end up spoiling everything. You should never think victory is yours until the end, so it’s not exactly the best day to get too excited.

You’ll get extremely frustrated when you are left stranded halfway to a meeting because your car breaks down or when a machine at your company stops working. It’ll be a very serious disorder that won’t have a simple solution.

At first, you won’t know exactly how to behave, but if you stop to think a little you’ll realise that everything can be fixed by making a call. Of course, you won’t recover the time you’ll lose so easily.


Sometimes, when someone around you gets diagnosed with a disease, it helps us realise all the things we’re doing wrong regarding our health. When you see that it could happen to you, you start to take care of yourself and to look after your health.

You’ll start doing some physical exercise, like going for a walk an hour a day. Neither water nor bad weather will be an excuse to stay at home. It’s important, Gemini, that you follow some schedules and even encourage a friend to accompany you on your walks.

Try standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself something nice. It’s always good to hear something nice about yourself. And it’ll also be quite liberating.