Gemini Daily Horoscope |





A bad relationship in the past has left you with too many wounds. You always put a barrier between you and a stranger who approaches you. You don’t want to know anything about anyone, much less have a partner Gemini.

You have to keep in mind that at some point of weakness you’ll miss having someone by your side. As you already know, everyone isn’t the same and many people come to your life with good intentions.

Although you aren’t romantic, you may feel touched by a beautiful word or an unexpected gesture. There are certain phrases of love that manage to soften even the toughest person.

Why are you going to distrust everyone?There are people who can help you have a better life.


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The stars invite you to innovate, to experiment with a new business. It won’t be the first time you lead a business project, but you’re as nervous and excited as a first-timer.

In addition, despite the proposals of some people to partner up with you, you’ll choose to follow your path alone. This way you can organize the management of the company without needing to listen to anyone.

You have recently overused your credit card and your accounts are practically bare. In fact, you’re waiting for the payment of an invoice and you fear that the money in the bank won’t be enough. You might even have a new unforeseen event, like a fine or a surcharge.




Gemini, you notice how your body has undergone a certain change. After leading a more active life, including the gym, you feel lighter and wanting to do more things. In fact, many of your friends won’t be able to follow your pace.

You’re very motivated after losing some weight. In any case, you shouldn’t lower your guard either, because when you don’t follow your diet you might gain some of that weight back.

It’s a long-term effort, which in addition to your willpower also requires help from your friends, especially because one can easily fall into temptation when you’re being offered chocolate at all times.