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When you try to communicate your ideas, you’re sometimes too rough and use inappropriate terms. From now on, you should think about each word that comes out of your mouth much more.

Especially so that your partner doesn’t feel so offended and can misinterpret your comments.

The single Gemini natives will be able to fall in love with two people at the same time, with many doubts about which one to choose. Although sometimes you let yourself get carried away by sex and looks, on this occasion you have to choose which one gives you the most stability.

You’re tired of going from one place to another, without knowing where you’re going. Now that you have the possibility to strengthen a relationship, don’t lose the opportunity that the stars give you.


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No matter how fast you go, you won’t always be able to advance at the desired pace. Someone will make sure you stop so you don’t stand out at work. All the work you’ve done in the last few days won’t be valued by your superiors, who’ll order you to repeat the tasks.

You consider it a waste of time, but while you’re at their orders, you’ll only be able to abide by their decision.

It isn’t a favourable day to start a business, especially because you won’t find anything is easy. Between paperwork and paying taxes, you won’t have time to do everything you want to get done. Take things slowly and if necessary, delegate certain procedures to someone else. You can’t do everything yourself.


You’ll wake up super excited. Today is undoubtedly a favourable day for sports competitions, whether it be swimming, running or riding a bicycle and you’ll have the possibility to stand out above the rest.

You should join the gym to improve your physical fitness and prevent injuries. A training plan coordinated by a professional will help you feel great.

You have to hydrate and eat something after exercising for a while. Water is the best thing you can drink, so don’t ever have a few beers with friends after training or you'll end up dizzy from alcohol and dehydration.