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Today, your desire to give love to others is overwhelming but set the boundaries you need.

Avoid overflowing emotions or excessive carnal appetites if you don’t want to lose romanticism. Learn to steer the boat of your feelings by guiding it with common sense, not with passing passions.

Your friends could be offended if you only go to them out of interest. Don’t pick up the phone to ask how things are going and then send a request for help or you’ll receive a negative answer, Gemini. You’ll have hurt people’s price without being aware of it.

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Whether at work or in front of your financial advisor, you probably feel misunderstood. You aren’t free from feeling important frustration at not being able to communicate your opinions (and some great ideas) with the most appropriate words.

Youll have to wait a bit and restart negotiations in a few days Gemini, although it’ll be hard to then start a new conversation.

Luck will accompany you if you have to take exams or any other type of test in which your knowledge and attitudes are evaluated. You’ll definitely pass and you could even get a good mark. Your concentration will be exquisite and you’ll also be lucky when choosing the answers.


Pay attention to your bowel movements, especially your urine today. If the colour worries you, don’t hesitate to call your doctor to tell them what you see and feel and to ask if it’s normal or if you may suffer from a mild infection.

However, if there’s any disease you could catch today Gemini, that would be hypochondria: you’ll think that your health is worse than it is.

You might have a slight fever, but it won’t be a prediction that something worse is yet to come. You might just need some rest! No need to get alarmed.