Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 26

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Although the relationship with your partner is going smoothly, perhaps you should do something nice for your partner. How about a surprise trip to a romantic place?

It’s good that you spend so much time together, but sometimes, for the sake of the relationship, you should also go out with other couples or friends. You can’t reduce your social life to just the two of you.

Gemini singles are concerned about their physique. They’re finding it increasingly difficult to meet people and they suspect that it may be because of that extra weight or because they don’t dress as nicely as before. You created the problem yourself, so solving it is in your hand.


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It’s fine to ask your boss for your salary in advance. Many of your colleagues are in the same situation as you, so they’re sure to understand.

But next time, try to manage your salary better since there are still a few days left to finish the month and you’ve already spent most of your money.

Analyse what you’ve spent and if some of these purchases were avoidable. You’re not going through the best time to lend anyone money, so say no if anyone asks you.

You can’t resort to the bank either because you don’t have guarantors and you haven’t generated any financial trust. The bank managers will see how your account is in the red.


The good weather should encourage you to try new things. How about going to the beach and going for a swim? If you find the water is too cold, you could always just dip your feet. It’s the perfect therapy to relax and rest your legs since you’re very tired from work.

Try to organise your daily routine better, because if you spend all day in the office and at the end of the working day you go home to keep working, you’ll most likely end up exploding. Once you get home, turn off your phone and don’t answer your emails.

Think about your health a bit more and not about your company’s benefits.