Jupiter will be harmonious in your sky and you should take advantage of this current to sort your feelings and emotions out, do an introspective exercise and listen to the voice of your heart.

Because sometimes you are too rational, you do what your head tells you is the most effective and comfortable thing to do, but who said that love has to be comfortable?

You can solve some problems with your partner, conversations that have been pending for a while and that aren’t finished. Asking for forgiveness is a good option if your emotions have emerged like a volcano.

As a single native, you’ll understand what you want better. You aren’t in love with who you thought you were and you have confused friendship with something else. But something like this has happened to everyone.

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You should comply with the law scrupulously if you don’t want to lose a significant amount of money. Because you’re the target of possible fines and infractions, so go be careful and don’t stray from the path! Here you could also talk about surcharges if you don’t pay your taxes on time.

You’ll have a somewhat high perception of yourself, you won’t want anyone to be above you and well, it’s good that you stand strong as long as bad temper or arrogance aren’t the dominant tones of your speeches.

You’ll be tempted to ask for better conditions at work, a salary increase or schedules that best fit your lifestyle, but negotiations won’t be very fruitful, at least today, Gemini.


Judging by this astral climate, we have reason to believe that health problems won’t be an impediment to doing what you want.

Your well-being won’t involve worries for the moment but don’t try to find the limits of your own body (and more if they are linked to issues of balance or vertigo).

Fortunately, you’ll have time for yourself and to do the activities that you like the most, your loved ones will hardly need you. Take the opportunity, because this doesn’t always happen!