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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 26

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It seems that you haven't quite left that sensitive period you've been going through for the last few weeks, which has kept you deep into a bubble of emotional ups and downs. Even if you want to give up on sadness, sensitivity influences all your relationships.

Today you'll receive statements and opinions from others in quite a harsh way, and they could be unbearably hurtful to your softened heart. As native Geminis, this is an uncharted territory for you, and you'll feel sort of clueless among all this intense emotion.

It won't be bad at all if you can build up an armour that makes you more resistant to those comments. Rejecting certain foul vibrations that flow around you doesn't mean you're immature; quite the opposite: you admit you're vulnerable and learn to protect yourselves.

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When facing disappointment about some recent results, there's no other choice but making an in-depth analysis of where you went wrong, and do all you can to sort it out. However, it won't be good at all if you correct your mistakes; instead, you have to use this situation to learn some important future life lessons.

Having enough of a personality to admit to your mistakes is the first step towards overcoming them. If you look at the situation with a distant, cold perspective, you'll be surprised about how little those mistakes are.

A stone in a clear pathway towards success could become impossible to dodge if you see it with an obsessed, highly stressful point of view, and this could turn into panic that wouldn't ever let you progress. Be more pragmatic.


Excess could take a toll on you today, and this is a feeling that might make you feel guilty and regretful. The temptations you haven't escaped these days could give you serious stomach and headaches.

But that discomfort will be especially influential towards the loss of all the energy you'd restored; that's why it's important that you get well, mentally first and foremost.

A soft diet and cleansing tea will help you get your stomach back in shape, and a proper hydration (about 1 to 2 liters of water a day) will cleanse your blood so that you feel okay again. Face the day with excitement and hopes, and don't let ailments affect you.

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