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This Saturday you'll feel the boost of mystical and abstract beliefs, which are taking you down a brand new path of facing issues and thinking about life. These new perspectives, which range all the way from religion to esotericism, can help you understand many things.

You need to find a source of knowledge that helps you understand the things that overwhelm you, Geminis, and learn to ignore certain foul criticism.

If you prioritise your need to understand what's happening, and learn to ignore certain prejudice, you can find unknown worlds to use them to create a cosmic perspective on things. And that's what life is ultimately about, Geminis, continuous growth.


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Now that you've set some goals for the week, there's new obstacles that threaten to send your hopes away into oblivion. At a more general scope, if you had great ideas going in the form of ambitious projects, you'll see them all tumbling down.

This is an early sign of your inability to face certain threats, and the building of your projects on unstable foundations. Without strong foundations, your weakness makes you vulnerable.

It's time to find the strength so that a brand new sense of drive sends you into defeating the obstacles that stop you from succeeding. Open up your mind to find new ideas and enrich your projects with the help of other people. Embrace new perspectives and renew your action plan.



Even though the inner harmony that gave you wellness, internal healing and an improvement in your health is gone, you have a very valuable source of energy so that you can turn things around.

The stars point out that there might be sudden issues to break that improvement: headaches, muscle injuries, back pain and gastrointeritis are the main risks for Geminis today.

But nothing of that will ruin your day if you boost yourselves thanks to that inner source of energy that acts as a revulsive agent. If you feel good in your own skin, you'll be powerful.