Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You’ll have an important conflict with your partner, it seems that you each have very different goals in life. While you would like to have children, it may be that the other person has a harder time taking that step. And you may not be willing to wait any longer.

To some extent, you feel somewhat disappointed with your partner, but you also have to respect their point of view.You see your friends and acquaintances having babies and you have to wait for now and that makes you feel very jealous.

For you, family and the well-being of your family is more important than anything else, including work and hobbies.


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Be very careful with the messages that you receive and that demand payment of a debt. They can be scams that manage to deceive more people than you think with threats. The best thing is to avoid any letter or email that arrives from an unknown sender.

You have an offer on the table to go to a more prestigious company, but you‘re only thinking about the proposal for now.  The most probable thing is that your answer is negative since it would force you to move out of town and right now you don’t feel like leaving.

Gemini, you know that in life there are more important things than money and one of them is the satisfaction of being able to surround yourself with your loved ones at any time.


You need to reach a nutritional balance and eating only healthy foods that are free of fats and sugars isn’t enough. You also have to check the amounts you eat in every meal and the schedules you’ve set.

Chose fresh products, such as seasonal vegetables and white fish. It‘s worth spending a little more of your budget on these items since it guarantees you better health.

You’re aware that what makes you gain weight you are sauces, battered food and all the sweets that you snack on between meals. Once you banish them from your diet you’ll achieve a breakthrough in your goal of losing weight.