Magic Horoscope 4 Gemini
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your big pending issue today is emotion management Gemini. You’re not handling them well and you’re lying to yourself saying that everything is going well when it isn’t really.

Despite this internal war (caused by the bad aspect of Mercury over your sky), there will be an agreement in relationships and you’ll notice how you’ll be treated more gently and with tact. As a result, you’ll dodge disputes since you don’t feel like destabilising hearts.

There are excellent prospects for single Gemini today. You’ll want to break the shell that you’ve put over yourself so that no one will harm you. If you want to play (and win) in love, you always have to trust your heart. Free yourself from your insecurities Gemini and enjoy life.


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Think about your behaviours regarding your finances: you’ve taken up the wrong habit of spending a lot of money to calm your anxieties or to compensate for your disappointments.

If you continue to live beyond your real possibilities, the impact will be so brutal that it will take months (maybe years?) to recover. Exercise military control over your bank account today.

Difficulties are possible at work. Try to avoid making important decisions, let others make them for you so mistakes won’t be your fault (although success won’t be thanks to you either).


Your family members will pay you more attention than usual, as there are some aspects of your health that concern them.

It’ll be time to confess what you’re not saying (like a disease they don’t about know or maybe an addiction) or to tell them that everything is going well if that were the case.

Theres good news for those whore expecting a baby today. Births will take place without problems and everything will go much faster and it will be more pleasant than expected.