Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 27

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Every time you meet with your friends, the conversations always end up revolving around sex. That’ll make you feel jealous, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve had some intimacy with your partner.

You shouldn’t pay so much attention to certain comments that others make since many people boast of doing things they don’t actually do.

In any case, you’ll feel a bit strange in the middle of that conversation, especially because it’s part of each person’s private business.

Those who haven’t been in a relationship for too long will try to go slowly to make sure everything goes well. They’ll try to do things with their partner with the utmost discretion and that secrecy could make the other person feel bad.


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The Gemini who're working with customers will have to bite their tongues on more than one occasion to avoid giving a bad response to a client. They’ll have to do their best to keep calm.

To avoid throwing stones on their own roofs, it’s best to stay away from any dispute.

Today won’t be the best day to try your luck with gambling and betting. You’ll start losing money and when you try to recover it you’ll make the situation worse. Be very careful if you surround yourself with your friends since they’ll most likely encourage you to gamble more.

You have to be able to stop in this type of situation, especially when there’s money involved.


Sometimes, you need to do something altruistic to feel good about yourself. You like to help others without having to expect anything in return.

That’s why today can be a good day to approach some non-profit organisation and lend a hand with all the activities in which you can be useful.

You’ll also have time for your most direct relatives, especially those who’re going through a problem.

You appreciate how you’ve lost quite a bit of hair in the last few days and you bite your nails quite often. It’s all a sign that your nerves are playing tricks on you.