Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Regarding your feelings, astral influences seem very favorable, so start the day with a big smile combined with being humble!

Saturn will inspire you to assume your responsibilities (and even those of others, showing your spirit of solidarity).

You’ll probably be surprised to see that you organize your children’s lives perfectly, with amazing ease.

Jupiter, meanwhile, will set a lively atmosphere under your roof and also between your sheets. You’ll communicate with your partner with conviction, sometimes even with virulence, but you’ll eventually agree.

Put your best clothes on if you’re a single native because surprises await you as soon as you cross the threshold of your house. It’ll be fun to go looking for love!

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For the Gemini who are bored with the routine of their careers, today they could develop a feeling of frustration and fatigue.

You’ll want to change the horizon, do more interesting, more creative work, which adapts to your training and isn’t monotonous. That’s not easy! You’ll almost need to find a magic lamp and have a genie create a company to your liking. We can’t always do what we want!

Of course, a change wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially if you have no obligations or family burdens. So what prevents you from sending your CV somewhere beyond the borders of your country? Maybe it's time to start from scratch somewhere else.


Do you still have some annual leave for 2019? The stars then invite you to go to a remote place where your phone doesn’t work very well. Only then will you be able to disconnect from the worldly universe and devote your time to what you need most: thinking about yourself and your well-being, relaxing.

The goddess of love Venus will offer you excellent influence on habits. She’ll encourage all those who seek discipline and yearn to reduce their excessive consumption of food, alcohol, tobacco, coffee or medication.

Look for the desire to overcome these problems within your heart. Your willpower lives in there and you’ll only have to awaken it. Get carried away by this magical planet that will do you much good, Gemini.