Gemini Daily Horoscope |



The skies' conditions warn that there's a tendency to receive more bad news than usual today, which will ruin your mood.

You thought that you were actually taking flight after going through another rough patch, but you're already starting to think someone gave you the evil eye. It's not normal that all bad things happen to you only.

Try to find support in your loved ones. Seeing you so sad, they'll do anything they can to bring a smile to your face. And in order not to disappoint them, you'll give them the best face possible so that they feel better. You should think that there's always a solution to everything, it's just a matter of letting time go by.


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Many of the pending issues you had going on which were paralysed for reasons you had nothing to do with will finally start bringing in some light. The wait has definitely been worth it.

Right now, money has a backseat position in your life. Even if you get a job opening to improve financially, you won't even look into it, especially because you're feeling real comfortable in your current position.

When making important decisions, you won't fear anything, and if you have to go to the bank to demand the refund of some commissions that they charged you for, there won't be any trouble to get the money back.


Geminis, you'll wake up with a stuffy, clogged nose. Even though you're trying to find a specific cause for it, it could actually be allergy or a previously badly treated cold. You should also be more careful with air conditioners in enclosed spaces.

Right now, you're heavily involved in a series of professional duties that won't let you enjoy any free time. You can't get up early to go to work, and when you're done, go straight home ready to slide into bed. Your days will just fly by without having even done anything.

Find a spot in your schedule to go do some exercise, or just to follow a walking path. Your mind also needs to get away from all this tension.