Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 27

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No bond is forever. If you can’t get along with the person next to you, it doesn’t make sense for you to stay by their side. The best thing you can do is pack your bags and go. Continuing this relationship won’t lead anywhere.

Even if you don’t like being alone, maybe it would be the best thing you could do right now. The habit of being surrounded by people will take you to seek shelter in the arms of some old partner, who won’t give you anything positive.

Singles tend to despair too easily when they don’t get what they want. There’s no reason to feel devastated, no matter how many negatives you receive. Try to learn from all the experiences you accumulate during these days.

Don’t worry about what people think of you.

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Today’s a favourable day for negotiations. You’ll have conversations with possible partners, who seem willing to collaborate with you on a project. This is very rewarding because it means that you’re doing something well.

In any case, no matter how hard you try to accelerate the deadlines, the other party seems to be in no hurry. That can be the main point you don’t agree on. You think that the sooner you get to work, the sooner you’ll start making profits.

Control telephone and electricity expenses better. You’ll start to turn off the lights in the rooms no one’s in after you get an expensive bill. You’ll see that you were squandering the money with those kinds of relaxed behaviours.


No matter if you exercise regularly or you lead a sedentary life, you should go to the cardiologist to have your heart checked. Gemini, it never hurts to go to the doctor to rule out possible hidden anomalies.

There are certain habits you have to give up before it’s too late. Especially smoking. Although you use it to calm down when you’re feeling really stressed, you need to look for a cheaper and healthier substitute, such as chewing gum.

You’ll start by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke every day, but the most productive thing would be to stop smoking suddenly, from one day to the next. As it’s an addiction you’ve had for a long time, it will be very hard for you to stop doing it.