Gemini Daily Horoscope |




When a relationship doesn’t work out as expected, it’s best not to despair. Make sure everything stabilises and that there are no big setbacks.

There are no magic remedies to achieve your goals. It seems that there’s a lot of distance between you and your partner. You never manage to agree and when one says black the other says white. It’s evident that there are few things in common between you two.

Now is not the best time to have a child and get pregnant Gemini. Although sometimes you think about it to save the relationship, the only thing you would do is put a small patch on a wound that bleeds excessively.

Start worrying more about the older members of your family. You sense something isn’t quite right and they’re possibly hiding something because they don’t want you to have a bad time.

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Today you’ll allow yourself a little luxury in the form of food, either in an expensive restaurant or with an exclusive type of food that you can only afford once a year.

It is an incentive to start the day, but once it’s over, you’ll realise the money you’ve spent. Think if it’s actually been worth spending this money and everything you could’ve bought with that figure. Magic Horoscope proposes to close the tap of expenses immediately.

Luckily, the month is already ending and you know that you’ll receive an important amount of money when you get your salary in a few days.


You see how everyone around you is getting sick as a result of a virus. Some will suffer from the flu and others from stomach discomforts. However, you’ll keep healthy and fit.

Everyone can see that you’re doing everything you can to keep your immune system in good conditions. That’s why you eat healthy food, including many fruits and vegetables in your diet, and you also start practising sport regularly. Nobody can beat you.

At the slightest hint of getting sick, you’ll go to the doctor to get treatment. You know stopping an illness at the beginning is essential to speed up recovery.