Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 28

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The stars favour you and you have the opportunity of getting to know your partner better. No matter how long you’ve been together, it seems that there are still things they hide from you. They are things regarding their previous life they’ve chosen to keep to themselves.

If your heart doesn’t belong to anyone yet, you’ll meet a very special person who’s different to everyone around you. At first, you’ll feel attracted by their spectacular physique, but their personality isn’t far behind, as you’ll be able to find out the first time you speak to them. In any case, you’ll want to find out how compatible you and your partner are in bed.

You know you can’t waste any more time with useless romances, which only bring you upset and many disappointments.


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You should think about any new work project anyone brings you, especially since it could bring you a lot of benefits. At first, you’ll only have to invest a small amount, but you’ll recover that money not long after Gemini.

Today will be an auspicious day for exams and job interviews. You’ll be able to answer all the questions anyone asks you easily. It’s quite evident that you’ve prepared for them to be the best.

Be careful with those who approach you for selfish reasons. They’re aware of your good finances and want to take advantage of that. You’ll be able to identify them easily and you’ll banish them from your life forever.

Envy is very bad, especially when it occurs between people who have been friends or colleagues for many years.


Gemini, make the most of your physical fitness to start practising a sport you like or to take part in a competition. Comparing yourself with other people will be an encouragement for you.

It’ll be very interesting, especially if you’re starting out since you can always learn from others.

Your health will improve considerably thanks to the sport you practice, especially because you get anxious when a family member has to go to the hospital or suffers from some type of ailment.

Try to relax a little, because otherwise, you end up being the one who feels terrible and nobody wants that.