Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Today you have a benevolent sky to have intimate conversations. You’ll learn which is the best path for you, what to do and what to say, even which of your tools is the one that you should use to seduce the person you are attracted to.

You’ll also be very good at lighting the passion in the eyes of those you wish to attract.

When you notice that the road ends in a dead-end, take a few steps back and nothing will stop you, as there will be temptations to pause that were not on the itinerary.

Some will examine what circumstances prevent their relationship from flourishing, although it won’t be clear if you or the other person is the problem (don’t talk about bad luck, but about bad decisions regarding love).


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Laziness follows you today, trying to make each task do become tedious and long. Sometimes you’ll have the feeling that your Wednesday has lasted 48 hours instead of 24.

However, the stars will give you courage so that you don’t leave anything unfinished and you might even do more than you would’ve imagined. You can even go back to certain tasks that were just collecting dust on your desk!

Unnecessary purchases will be your weak point today Gemini. Don’t browse online shops because you have nothing better to do or your savings will go down.


You accelerate the pace to complete your tasks, but if you don’t manage your energy well, you’ll end up exhausted. If you don’t do things with subtlety and calm, your effectiveness will be greatly reduced, you have been warned.

Baths with flower petals or salts will be very beneficial for you, especially if you light some fragrant candles around you. Lavender essential oil is wonderful to calming anxiety.

You should read more magazines and publications about health, since that way you’d find out what’s happening in the world and you’ll tear down certain myths and stigmas that are associated with certain diseases, such as sexually transmitted ones. Don't judge others by their medical history, Gemini.