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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 28

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The stars' gathering predicts that you'll have a peaceful day when it comes to love, and you're better off avoiding excess and choosing the pathway of romance and tenderness. Especially more so when you get intimate; try to turn situations into pleasure-riddled moments that have some depth to them.

Hustling around, rushing or letting pleasure rule over sensations will give you a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction that will ruin all the potential given by the stars today.

Regarding friendship, lower down your tone if you argue, and learn to listen, so that differences can become understandings.

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Your day of work is in a stage of doubt and indecision that could cause terrible results. Besides, you're kind of clueless, out of focus and absent-minded, so it'll be hard for you to focus on work. The more dispersed your vibrations are, the least likely you are to succeed.

All of that can make you more exhausted at work and make you feel like you can't make any sense or find an outlet for all that counterproductive exhaustion. Try to find support in people around you and find a motivation to focus your strengths.

There's some people around you creating a positive influence, and they're the ones you should ask for help to find responsibility and inspiration. Others, however, should stay as far away as you can make them.


If you're Geminis prone to gaining weight, you should avoid entering a spiral of disorganised, badly scheduled, heavy meals. Bingeing is just adding up weight to your body without you even realising it, and in the long run, that will fall hard on your self-esteem.

For the sake of your health, you should take on a much more responsible, disciplined attitude. Now you can start with a less agressive diet, but it should help you become more aware of the nutritional properties of a balanced, healthy diet. Later on, as soon as you find that the stars are coming together, you'll be able to go on a harsher diet.

Right now, some problems could influence your nerves in such a way that everything will be aiming at your stomach, so you might feel not too well and experience stomach aches. Relax and take it easy.

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