Magical Horoscope 7 | Daily Horoscope



You need to get to work, and to do it quick. You've felt something special for someone, but your shyness or your fear of rejection makes you keep quiet about it. You've never been able to break the ice. You're probably interested in performing a ritual to attract love.

This is someone close to you that you see from time to time. You know their heart's free to take, but at any given moment, someone could come into their life, and then it would be really difficult to take them back.

If you don't get into action, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. These are hard decisions to make for you, but you need to be braver than ever before.


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Right now, you've got estate on rental and you think you're getting very little money. When you demand your tenants to raise the payments, you'll be sort of blackmailed. They want to make you see they can't pay up any more money, and they'll even threaten you to tell everyone how mean and foul you are.

Don't give in and let them know that you're head of operations here. If you want to raise their rent, you'll do it; otherwise, they're out of your apartment or business venue. If you didn't, you would be losing a great deal of money every month.

You'll have to make a purchase that will force you to pay some serious money, but instead of paying up in one go, you'll choose to do minor monthly payments so that your wallet doesn't suffer as much.


Use your few alone moments to cry your heart out. In the last few days, you've piled up a lot of inner tension and you need to vent it somewhere. You'll feel much better after you're done.

At some point, you'd love to get away and go somewhere far, with no noise, and no people around you.

You're surrounded by people all the time, and you barely have a few free minutes to yourselves. It then becomes hard to get rid of problems.