Gemini Daily Horoscope for January 28

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Isn't it easier anyway to be thankful for what others do for you instead of constantly trying to find the problems and the negative side of things? Don't you feel much better when, rather than criticising what others do for you, you're thankful for their kind gesture?

When you finally realise that kind gestures and goodwill are what matter, not the result of actions, and when you learn to leave behind that arrogance that makes you too rigid and demanding, you'll start to find a connection link between you and everyone else.

Today's a day to find your kindest side, get back to those positive feelings that make you feel closer to others, and offer a lighter side of your inner Gemini.


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The income of new assets could get you in a sticky situation, Geminis, because after a time of learning how to save and keep riches, the possibility of embracing an expansive strategy once more could be delicate. Now more than ever, you need reason to be your guide.

The stars point out that the setting in motion of great ideas, ambitious projects and risky endeavours could be highly beneficial for Geminis on an especially lucky day. Great financial operations and borderline investments could be successful too.

Putting risk aside, remember to protect what you earned after so much effort, and that requires steadier insurance plans and protection strategies.


Did you know that, when your muscles work, your body releases happiness-inducing substances? They're called endorphins, and among other things, they help you transition from a low mood to a feeling of euphoria. Exercise can be your best ally at getting rid of stress.

But aside from that, sport can help you in many other areas, like when rebuilding your self-esteem or improving your social relationships. It will also help you set some challenges again, and show you where your limits and ability to overcome are.

It's time to get moving, Geminis, to show that you're dynamic individuals who don't surrender to adversity, and to defeat a time of crisis with drive and energy.