Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You show once again that you give your partner anything they need and that you’re always willing to help them with everything. However, you have a hard time expressing your feelings and you don’t want others to be affectionate with you.

There are certain people who’ll come into your life, but they’ll do so for a short time, so don’t get too excited with them. They already have a group of friends and they don’t seem willing to accept you, they just want you as an acquaintance.

You see with envy that many of the people around you flirt easily when it’s extremely difficult for you. You would like to ask them what the secret of their success is sometimes.  Be patient because good things come to those who wait.


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Gemini, your ability to communicate and persuade will make sales very ease for you. And not only do you speak clearly, you also convince. Don’t rule out finding a client that will save your week. You’ll receive an important assignment, but with a series of conditions that you have to analyse.

You need a series of changes in your house, but you’re not willing to spend too much money. Instead of buying new furniture, what you’ll do is paint them in a more striking colour and rearrange them. You’ll change your surroundings ever so slightly and without spending almost anything.

When you’re asked for money for a birthday present, don’t pretend you didn’t hear. Everyone would think you’re stingy and that’s not your intention.


You’ll be a little absent-minded. You may come across an acquaintance when you’re out, but since you’re so focused on your affairs, you may not even see them. Something that concerns you isn’t what’s making you feel blue since you’re actually stressed by the fast pace lifestyle you currently have.

You’re constantly planning the rest of the day in your head and that can mean significant wear from the psychological point of view.

Forgetting about the things you have to do for a few days wouldn’t hurt. Take a holiday and disconnect from your mobile and any electronic device.