Gemini Magic Horoscope 6
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What if today you allowed yourself to pleasantly surprise your partner? Pay attention to the details Gemini and make up for the times when you’ve been too careless.

Send romantic messages throughout the day, prepare a romantic date at one of your favourite restaurants or buy a hot set of underwear for both of you!

Singles who had a special person in their heart will be somewhat nostalgic, but someone new will soon appear and they’ll try to seduce you Gemini. On the one hand, you’d surrender without thinking about it, but on the other, there are certain parts of that possible relationship that stress you out. You know that the future isn’t guaranteed in that love story.

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Today you’ll detect the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills. You’ll open new professional doors, especially if you’re looking for a new job or want a better one than the one you already have.

Make the most of the day to go over your finances if you’re be spending time at home, file documents neatly, organise everything in case your lawyer or your manager ask for them one day.

Be suspicious, of course, of those who propose fast commercial or financial alliances. They’ll assure you that you can earn a lot of money with little effort, Gemini, and you know that things are never so easy. There’s something you don’t know.


In the search for better fitness, you’ll encounter a radiant day in which the stars shine especially for you, people smile at you and pay you special attention.

As a medical patient, you can communicate your needs and desires without fear of being judged. Your point of view is very realistic Gemini, it’ll be respected and considered.

Try to rest your sight today, because you spend too long in front of the computer, the TV and your phone. When you try to fall asleep, drink some lime tea and nothing else. You can’t browse social media with the excuse that you’ll feel sleepy that way. Take your rest seriously.