Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 29

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You should never give up quickly. You think you might be able to win someone you’ve liked for a long time over.

Although you’ve always been very shy with this person, you’ve actually got closer over the last few days, which makes you feel some hope.

Now may be the right time to ask them out and so you have the chance of really getting to know them. The friends you have in common have been telling them nice things about you, but they might be surprised by your striking personality and lifestyle.

You’ll do everything you need to do to make your close family members happy, but don’t late them taking advantage of your good will. Stop so many excesses.


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It’s a good time to trust a friend’s advice regarding investments. You have the chance of investing your savings in a high-risk financial product and if it goes well, it can increase your earnings considerably, but you’ll dismiss in the end because you think it’s too dangerous.

You prefer to trust something that’s more conservative and brings you fewer benefits but with which you know there’s little chance of losing everything.

Gemini, if you’ve thought about changing jobs, you should evaluate the consequences well, especially if it requires you moving to a different city or having to commute long distances every day. If you earn more in this new job, you’ll have to spend it on petrol or public transport.


Injuries are very common among people who start exercising, mainly because they don’t know that they need to warm up properly and that they should stop when their bodies tell them they’ve had enough.

You also make the mistake of using the wrong shoes, which won’t provide your foot with stability or cushioning.

Pay special attention to your ankles, especially since there’s a high risk of sprains or fractures due to a bad technique.

You’ll think that sport isn’t your thing, but you’re wrong. When you practice it more regularly you’ll get hooked and you won’t be afraid of injuries.