Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You’ll experience intense moments in the company of the man or woman that your heart chose as a travel companion. You’ll be a very lucky person, who’ll feel like living the present, feeling that time isn’t going to end and that happiness can be extended as much as you want.

You won’t worry about problems or obligations, you believe in the flow of the universe. The world rotates whatever you do and it won’t stop spinning once you’re not here Gemini.

Some may become obsessed with their partner, wanting to know who they’re with and where they are at all times. That’s a mistake! Excessive control will cause the oxygen in the relationship to run out (and with it, love).

Single natives will delight those who they wish to please and their overflowing imagination will embellish relationships, which will be more physical than romantic.


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You’re very motivated. Your ambition rises in your sky by the grace of Mercury, the god of commerce, who’ll make you an ace for business.

With such a description you won’t be surprised to discover that your priority will now be your professional life, although you won’t neglect your family or your friends.

Don’t confuse the aforementioned ambition with greed, even if they seem quite similar. Think of the common good, that it’s better for a whole team to win than for a single person individually. Also, don’t take your desires as realities. Don’t lack objectivity.


Today you’ll demonstrate great resistance and excellent physical strength. You’ll be capable of lifting a ton with your arms if necessary (although it won’t be).

After the excesses during the holidays, there’s a desire to lose a bit of weight, but that only happens with exercise and a healthy diet. Don’t be too strict in your discipline or you’ll get bored soon and you’ll end up giving up before seeing results.

Also think, that as years go by, you gain weight, since you don’t spend the same energy on basic vital functions.