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Today, more than ever, you'll have to take on a father's or mother's role, because Tuesday's horoscope prediction forecasts that your sense of parenthood will be sharper than ever, and that your children will have special needs too.

Get closer to your kids with a brand-new closeness attitude, try to understand their issues instead of judging them and manage to create with them enough empathy so that they open up and tell you about their concerns.

Now more than ever, your kids need you to get involved. And all your efforts today should be exclusively limited to that.


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Feeling disheartened about your position at work or unsatisfied about the limiting boundaries of your current career has a way out that's simpler than you think: find a chance that allows you to change careers and find something suitable.

Meanwhile, you need to appreciate the fact that you've got a job and a sense of daily progress despite your adversities. Today's star prediction also warns you that you've got a tendency to feel envious of friends and family who are luckier than you.

That's natural, but you should try to avoid it, because it'll only keep you stuck in a position where you feed off of your own negativity. Forget everyone else and fight to be happy.


The desire and will to experience the miracle of parenthood will make you enter a more fertile period from today, and the stars' arrangement foresees there's a stable tendency of that circumstance which you can use to try for a baby.

For those of you who have fertility issues, these days are key to sort them out. You need to keep in mind that serious fertility issues need to be treated by doctors, but that you also have great allies in your hopes, faith and the gathering of stars.

Don't lose hope and keep believing that a miracle will come. These days could bring special surprises to help you see life under a more optimistic light.