Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 29

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For your relationship to work wonderfully, you have to give in at some point Gemini. You’ll have to do many things that you don’t like, but you’ll do them in order to make your partner happy. It’s something you assume is normal.

However, when your partner doesn’t behave in the same way with you, you could find it tiresome. You need them by your side now more than ever and you see how they prefer to enjoy the company of others. 

This may make you open your eyes and you begin to see your partner differently. Don’t make the mistake of not telling them what you dislike about them for fear that they feel bad.  

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When you buy something valuable, you’ll always find someone from your group of friends or a family member who got it at a cheaper price. That will make you feel bad for a while since you have the feeling that you were cheated out of a lot of money.

You’ll receive good news in the form of work. It may not be the job you were looking for, but it can be of great help to generate income for a few weeks. It’ll come to you from a relative, who did everything they could to help you out of unemployment and in order to do so, they turned to a business friend.

There are many hopes placed on you, so you can’t disappoint them with bad behaviour.


No matter how much you look, you can’t find a sport that satisfies you or at least motivates you to endure a whole week of practicing it. Have you really tried everything? Surely you have a friend who can recommend a discipline you don’t know about that can bring many benefits.

You can’t be complaining about your misfortune all day every time you have a personal problem and especially not in front of everyone. People aren’t interested in the misfortunes of others. It’s always best to tell people you trust in private.

If you fall or get hit by something, try to apply ice as quickly as possible to avoid swelling in the affected part. Pay attention to any possible bruising that appears during the next few hours.