Gemini Daily Horoscope |




After a while with your partner, it seems that you’ve settled in excess. You think that person will always be by your side, but if you don’t worry about satisfying them on a daily basis, it’s likely that they’ll end up getting tired of you because of the monotony.

You should both go out together, interact with other people and try different things. No one said that a relationship was going to be simple.

Gemini singles will really want to meet new people and engage in conversation with the first person they meet. In public, they’ll behave likes charming beings and although they aren’t looking for a partner, they shouldn’t rule out one of Cupid’s arrows hitting them.


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You’re a very optimistic person, but when it comes to money maybe you should be a bit more conservative. When you have money in your wallet, you spend all of it without realising everything that awaits you ahead.

Try to save some money for future unforeseen events, because when something happens you always end up going to your family to borrow money. You can’t always be like this.

What’s the use of buying a house or an expensive car now if you don’t have money to pay the loan back every month? Go for a more affordable option such as renting a flat on the outskirts of the city so you’re not so overwhelmed with payments in the future.


Addictions are never good, especially when it comes to products such as coffee or tobacco, which affect your body in a negative way. You should replace coffee with a relaxing tea and cigarettes with sugar-free sweets or gum.

It’s hard to abandon certain habits, but with time, you’ll feel better and your health will appreciate this change.

The nerves you’re enduring these days will attack your stomach. You’ll notice you need the bathroom more often, but it’s not a matter of concern. Continue with your normal diet and if you need to, stop taking fruit and smoothies for a while.