Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Get ready to bump into someone from your past. At the beginning you might not be too happy about it, but as minutes go by, you'll enjoy their company.

Right now, perhaps you're interested in being alone, especially because you want to appreciate many areas of work and you don't want anyone to influence your decision.

You feel it's getting increasingly harder to socialise with others, and that's because of a change in attitude you had a few weeks ago, where it seems like you've found a safe haven at home and you don't want to see anyone. Try to meet up with friends as often as you can.


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Your efforts from the last few months are starting to reap some rewards. Your managers start appreciating what you do and will give you a bit of a raise. That was something you'd been long asking for because of your good results.

It'll be a great day for any of you who work on sales and commerce, because you'll see that today your client base will grow noticeably. Take advantage of this and bring new consumers into the long-term database.

All the money you can store up today will be great for your future, because you know that in a few weeks' time, your income might experience a drop.


You've got a health of steel and think that you can do all the things you used to do, but time goes by, and that can take a toll on you too.

You can't load up as much weight, or stay standing for too long either. You'll feel your back starting to get uncomfortable, and that might even affect you when you go to bed.

Since you have little time to exercise in the pool, you can go see a masseuse to relax the affected area. It'll be even better if you ask an expert about your case before this ailment goes any worse.