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When it comes to love, Geminis, your communicative channels are way too blocked, and that conveys an air of distance and arrogance, pride and strangeness, which repels your loved one and sets you into the road to temporary failure.

Besides, you're being too shallow about this get-to-know-you process, Geminis; it's better to get in touch with their deepest core, to go deep into their emotions. Now you need a much more mature relationship.

Your challenge for today is to gradually open up your communicative channels with effort and willpower, in order to socialise with others successfully. From that job will come quite a rewarding compensation: new and highly productive social relationships.

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The stars predict that you'll have a hard time managing money, which is not yours, or not entirely, at least. You need to pay more attention and calculate your ins and outs more closely, control your expenses and keep your income high to avoid your losses from making you fail.

Be very careful with other people's money, and be more responsible and mature. With your finances, you should learn to spend as little money as you need, while waiting for better times to come.

As the day progresses, there'll be good chances to buy at a low price, but remember that if you can't control your shopper's rush, small and cheap purchases will pile up and end up being too big a money waste for your still-fragile finances.


Embracing the fact that you're growing old is essential to adapt your attitude into taking care of your body, to take measures that avoid an even bigger deterioration of your skills. Being aware of aging is essential to grow old healthily.

Besides, right now you might be giving more importance to looks and how others perceive you, instead of focusing on the areas of your body that actually demand more attention and responsibility from you.

Working on your limbs and making your body move around is essential to bring your whole body and mind back into action. Walking is the main activity for this start of the year. If you're exercising, don't get too harsh about it; your shaping process should be gradual, not radical.