Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 3

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You’ll experience moments of great passion with your partner, enjoy them with intensity and continue down the same path so that the flame of love doesn’t disappear.

You’ll feel the affection of your partner in an unconditional way, so you need to show you’re worthy of it. Even if they don’t tell you, they need you by their side when they’re going through difficult moments. Gemini women in love are bewitching and fascinating.

Gemini singles will be very attractive. They’ll look for the possibility of approaching someone they know through social media. You’ll try your luck with people with whom you haven’t been in touch for very long and towards whom you feel a certain amount of physical attraction. You know that right now you’re not looking for more than a one night stand.

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Pay attention to the older people that are by your side when they give you advice about work. Their experience and knowledge can be very useful. You’ll have fewer chances of failing that way.

Those who don’t have a job right now can make the most of any collaboration or invitation to make money. Don’t reject anything. There’s a chance that acquaintance who offers you this opportunity will remember you for a better job in the future.

You’ll try to control your expenses much more. That’s why you won’t take much money out of your account when you go to a cash machine, so you don’t have too much cash in your wallet.


The small disappointments you’re going through will make you feel very stressed and you won’t be able to eat or sleep very well. Try to do some yoga or meditation exercises to control the situation.

It’s likely that you get distracted very easily because you’re worried about several different things, so you’ll forget about an appointment or a task you were asked to do. Try to write everything down in a calendar and organise the things you need to do so as not to feel overwhelmed by everything life is throwing at you.

Be especially careful with falls and domestic accidents, since you aren’t paying as much attention as you should to what you do and you might regret it.