Gemini Daily Horoscope |



You've been meaning to have a certain conversation with your partner for a while, but their lack of time is making this situation go on for too long. You can't take it anymore, and you need to sit down and chat about certain issues.

Every time you get the idea of meeting, something comes up. You shouldn't get mad at your partner, they have a very busy life and barely get any sleep time.

Don't worry and deal with the whole thing tomorrow. You'll have the stars' blessings in order to communicate better. You'll probably express yourselves clearly, and anything you say will come across right away.

But today, for the time being, behave naturally so that they don't suspect anything or think you're acting funny.


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Geminis, you'll have to bear with a very uncomfortable situation at work. Two workmates will argue about an open position, and you'll stay neutral. You know your opinion's highly valuable, and that's why you'd rather stay in the back to avoid harming anyone.

It might be the case that, if you choose to support one of the parties involved, they get fired because of an unconscious mistake.

Native Geminis will use their skills to be innovative and set curious initiatives into motion that have no other competition in the market. You'll take your sweet time to make everything perfect.


You suffer a minor discomfort, but you like to make it more important than it actually is. You always think of the worst case scenario thinking that you could have a serious illness going on.

Someone around you might have been involved in a physical incident, and that's why your hypochondria is off the charts. Some knee pain or stomach burn will make you worry unnecessarily.

If you're ever in doubt, you should see your doctor to have them cast any fears away from you.

Up to a certain extent, you need to keep your mind busier to forget about these unimportant issues. Therefore, find an entertaining activity.